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Unlocking Bible Prophecies by AWR.
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This series has ended, but each presentation can still be watched. The link will take you to the archives section.











If you are wondering where our world is heading, you are personally invited to attend a series entitled, "Revelation Today - A New Day is Dawning" to have your questions answered.
Some of the Topics include:
Experiencing Peace
The United States in Prophecy
Making Sense of the Mark of the Beast
And others
Starts Friday, November 1st
2844 Ponkan Road, Apopka, FL


Neville Peter will be at our church to present a vespers in music.
May 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM
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Christian Berdahl Videos

His Testimony

Distraction Dilema




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Panama Mission Report - August 18, 2018
Link to Video




VBX was held on June 18, 2018 through June 22, 2018

Shown below is the link to the video that was produced from that week.

Video Link




Dr. Eddie Ramirez Presentations

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Neuroplasticity: The Brain Changes
Not Only What You Eat, But When




Pale Horse Rides is
a Live Bible Seminar


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End Time Messages from Jesus Series

You can watch the video of each night's message below by clicking on the "Video" link.

Message No.                               Title                                   Link   
1 A New World Empire Soon to be Established Video
2 God's Judgment and the Great 2300 Day Prophecy Video
3 Blood on the Moon, A Mysterious Sign Video
4 Millions Lost by Misunderstood Prophecy Video
5 The Mark of the Beast Video
6 Global Scourge Strikes All With 666 Mark Video
7 God's Seal for Survival Video
8 Anti-Christ Prophecy Exposes Religious Hoax Video
9 Reach Up for Life Video
10 Rx Prescription for Personal Happiness Video
11 Seven Great Religious Movements Video




Click here to see the Moldova Trip page

This page shows pictures, reports, the blog, and videos of the Mission Trip report.


   Alexis Abrahantes Testimony
Part 1, December 2, 2016
Part 2, December 3, 2016
Part 3, December 3, 2016

  It Is Written Workshop, April 4, 2016

   Health Seminar, May 6th and 7th, 2016

     #1 - The Great Health Controversy - May 6, 2016
     #2 - Ten Steps Ahead - May 7, 2016
     #3 - Christ, The Health Message, May 7, 2016
     #4 - The Food Trap, May 7, 2016


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