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Moldova Mission Trip




Jorge would like to thank you all for your prayers for him, Pastor Ron Hoffecker and the team. "It has been a blessing ministering to the people of Moldova. Their needs are so great - average income is $200 per month. The people have been so loving and accommodating. The food has been absolutely amazing - soil is black and very rich and they are incredible cooks. People are receptive to the teachings they are hearing. Hoping they will make their decision to follow Christ. Meetings have been challenging because several of the attendees are Russian but there is no Russian translator. Most speak Romanian. Moldova is no longer part of Soviet Union but they don't feel a part of the European Union either. They are a small country struggling for identity. Most of the snow has melted with daytime temps creeping up into the 40's. WiFi has been very spotty which makes it hard to give regular updates. Please continue praying."

         Pictures from Moldova     










John Bradshaw had a powerful call for baptism last night. The Holy Spirit's presence was tangible and many people responded. It Is Written's two-week Bible series in Moldova ends this weekend. God has manifested Himself in amazing ways in the lives of thousands of people across the country. Please keep praying for us as we preach our last sermons and make our last appeals for a decision for Jesus.











   Into All the World, Part 1, by Jorge Pinto during the sermon time on March 18, 2017

   Into All the World, Part 2, by Pastor Ron Hoffecker during the sermon time on March 18, 2017



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